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  • OCCY 1
  • Polly 4180
  • Dixie
  • Curry
  • Nexie
  • ZIPPER is a 3 year old male Chihuahua X. Friendly little fella, happy, dog social. Can sit on command and comes when called, he is housetrained. To arrange a meeting, call GDR on 0400 219 719
  • OCCY is a very handsome blue brindle male Staffy cross approximately 18 months old. Very solid, but a smaller size staffy. Happy social boy. To meet OCCY please phone us 0400 219 719.
  • STEPHI is an 18 month old female Mastiff cross. Social with other dogs, very friendly and happy. Can sit and wait at dinner time but needs a few more lessons on a lead. Stephie just loves to carry her teddy around with her. To meet the beautiful Stephi, please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • LAYNE is a 3 year old Wire Haired Terrier cross. She has a wirey coat which will need a frequent brush to keep looking good. A little timid but very obedient. Layne knows a few commands like "sit", "stay" and "no". She's learning to walk on lead and gaining confidence, very affectionate, loves cuddles and is not very energetic. To arrange a meeting, please call GDR on 0400 219 719
  • GRINCH a small mixed breed male over 9 years of age - that was quite poorly when he arrived at GDR. He requires a special home. Please call 0400219719 for more information. Best suited to an only dog home.
  • POLLY is a 9wk old Staffy X. Polly is a tough little character, she loves to play soccer and loves to play with the hose. She likes rough play but will need a firm handler with lots of time and energy. She is eager to please and adores human company and will be a very loyal little dog. Polly’s best fit family would be somebody with older children. To meet this courageous, lovable little character, call GDR on 0400 219 719
  • DIXIE is a small female Jack Russell cross approximately 2 years old. The sweetest little lass, who is most at home on your lap. Dixie needs a stable home with lots of kindness to reassure her as she is quite scared in a very submissive way and when she realises you are not there to hurt her, little delicate licks will thank you. Dixie is a little “under your feet” and could make a very easy trip hazard. At this stage Dixie is not to be trusted in open areas off-leash because of her nervousness. If you would like to meet Dixie, please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • CURRY is a female Kelpie cross approximately 6 months of age. We are not sure if it’s was excitement of being broken out of “gaol” or just the happiest personality that you have to love but Curry was in a hurry on rescue day. So busy with so much attentiveness and pleasing to do, even with her higher energy level she was a delight. There were moments of relax and some training would help reign in her excitement - she’s very smart and food orientated and “sit” was her new word for the day - which she was HAPPY to do. If you would like to meet Curry, please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • NEXIE is a small breed Chihuahua cross, approximately 4 years of age. Very quiet, sweet with a very low energy level - a home with or without other dogs that will include Nexie in the home would be her best match. She is social with other dogs but is quite weary at the whole new world she has been thrown into. A kind hand and some lap time soon has Nexie soaking up the cuddles and relaxing. If you would like to meet Nexie please call GDR on 0400 219 719.

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Please check out the dogs that are currently available at Geraldton Dog Rescue here to see if your new canine companion is patiently waiting for you today! If your dog preference isn't shown, please contact 0400 219 719 and speak with the coordinator to let them know what you are looking for - because tomorrow the perfect pooch may turn up.

It is a requirement of Geraldton Dog Rescue that anybody who is considering adopting one of our dogs, completes a rehoming questionnaire over the phone with one of our coordinators. This questionnaire helps us to determine which dog will be appropriate for your home and ensures our dogs will be adopted into a home suitable for them.

"Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend". It is important that you select a dog that suits your family and lifestyle.

Please click here to receive a FREE guide explaining the first 7 days of adopting a rescue dog. This can be saved as a PDF to your computer.

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