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  • Cherokee
  • Western Bonanza
  • Libre
  • Dutton
  • Custer
  • Sheriff
  • Wyatt
  • Sundance
  • Dusty
  • Teka
  • Tula
  • Lynk
  • Fergie
  • B1
  • DUSTY 1
  • Zeus
  • MARS
  • ELMA
  • CHEROKEE is a female Border Collie cross, approximately 10 months old.
  • LIBRE is a medium size female Staffy cross approximately 1 year old. Very friendly, loves a cuddle and full of energy. Social with other dogs and good with older children. In need of some training, loves a good run and would be best suited in an active home. If you would like to meet Libre please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • DUTTON is a small male Jack Russell cross type, approximately 18 months old. A happy, playful boy who likes to share the love. Great with other dogs, gentle with children and ok on lead. Would be suited to a young family and would enjoy a play mate. If you would like to meet Dutton please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • CUSTER is a male Border Collie cross, approximately 10 months old.
  • SHERIFF is a male Border Collie cross, approximately 10 months old.
  • WYATT is a male Border Collie cross, approximately 10 months old. He's soft and sweet with a moderate to low energy level and gentle wander or stroll on the beach is sufficient. Basic commands are a work in progress with sit, recall and lead walking the most progressed. He enjoys being your travelling companion, toys and is happiest when he can laze about with the kids. Slow introductions to other dogs will be required as Wyatt lacks a little confidence and is intimidated by friendly well meaning dogs. He's quiet and loving and still learning a new way of life so some patience may be required.
  • SUNDANCE is a female Border Collie cross, approximately 10 months old.
  • DUSTY is a small female mixed breed approximately 2 years of age. For the last 6 weeks in care she has been a very attentive and protective Mum and the kids are getting ready to move on out. Dusty has been easy care and is a sweet little thing.
  • TEKA is a 2 month old female Kelpie cross. Very active, happy pup, typical kelpie type full of beans and needing to learn.
  • TULA is a female mixed breed expected to be a small medium when grown. There’s lots of character her and is quite a loving dog who we believe will make a great family dog. Obviously given her age that will depend on the time her family also put into her. Tula is a prime training age and ready to find her forever home.
  • LYNK is a female Staffy mix about 2 year old. She can sit on command and offer a paw. Very strong on lead but responds to commands. Great around other dogs and very friendly and social. She would fit in with any family.
  • EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ONLY - APPLICATIONS BEING CONSIDERED. FERGIE is a very lucky little lady 11 years 11 months young. Having had a very caring and loving home unfortunately Fergie had to move on. Don’t let her age discourage you there’s plenty of pep in her step. Her new home will have to consider her medical which will be discussed with successful applicants. Fergie is very loving, easy going, no trouble around the home, a little ‘under the feet’ and will require a regal (splendid) home as an inside companion with all the spoils. If you would like to meet Fergie please call GDR on 0400219719.
  • B1 is a male mixed breed pup approximately 8 weeks expected to grow into a large - medium size. A happy, playful pup who loves a cuddle. Loves toys and playing with litter mate (B2). Looking for a home to call his own and ready to learn If you would like to meet B1 please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • BUCKLEY is a male Heeler cross about 4 months old. A little timid on rescue day, but will come of his shell in care.
  • DUSTY is a 4 month old male mixed breed, could be medium to large size when fully grown. Very playful with with foster carers small dog. Great pup.
  • ZEUS is a 4 month old male Mixed breed. Possibly will be large size when fully grown. He has settled well in his foster home and is dog social. Zeus was a little over excited when receiving pats and still is a little bouncy. He's learning fast and now sits for pats and on command. He's calm for his age and great in the backyard. He likes a toy and a play but is one cruise little number.
  • MICKEY is a 12 month old male Terrier cross. Sweet little dog who can be bossy with other dogs and suffers a little "small dog syndrome" from time to time with large breeds. He's currently fostered with other dogs without drama and play is plentyful. He's walking nicely in harness and would make a great lap dog comapnion due to his small stature and easy going nature.
  • MARS is a male Blue Heeler cross approximately 1 year old. He is very photogenic and a lovely fellow looking for a suitable home to call his.
  • VENUS is a female Kelpie cross 5 months old. Very sweet and ready for a stable home and training.
  • ELMA is a 2 year old, female, Staffy cross. Even as a mum in care she has been a delight. Very attentive to her pups. Elma has also liked a bit of her own space and enjoys human companionship. Some basic training is already established and is super sweet. Due to age of pups Elma has not been socialised with other animals and has been spoilt inside with no accidents.
  • Introducing THE HIP HOP COLLECTION 8 weeks 10/10/18 they’ll be ready to move on out! We have now opened the window for viewings. Mum is Elma and are possibly Staffy cross, Dad/s are unknown.

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Please check out the dogs that are currently available at Geraldton Dog Rescue here to see if your new canine companion is patiently waiting for you today! If your dog preference isn't shown, please contact 0400 219 719 and speak with the coordinator to let them know what you are looking for - because tomorrow the perfect pooch may turn up.

It is a requirement of Geraldton Dog Rescue that anybody who is considering adopting one of our dogs, completes a rehoming questionnaire over the phone with one of our coordinators. This questionnaire helps us to determine which dog will be appropriate for your home and ensures our dogs will be adopted into a home suitable for them.

"Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend". It is important that you select a dog that suits your family and lifestyle.

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